I have suffered with a number of problems in my back and neck over the years and was always told that it was age related and something that I had to either put up with or take pain killers for. Through chiropractic treatment at Walk Tall Chiropractic Clinic I have found that there is an alternative and that constant pain and stiffness can be helped by more than just pain killers.

Sarah, Eastleigh

As a roofer I get a lot of problems with my lower back and neck because I carry roof tiles up and down a ladder all day.  Treatment from Lee keeps me working, which being self employed, is fantastic.

Steve, Boyatt wood

I first attended the clinic almost a year ago, as I had been suffering from a back/nerve pain, which was affecting my life in all areas, such as my job and stopping me sleeping. 

I had taken medication, which was having little impact.  Within the first few treatments I saw immediate improvment.  My quality of life went back to what it was and I no longer needed medication.  Furthermore, I have returned to running twice daily, competing nationally and I could not have achieved this without the treatment from the clinc, and the ongoing support that I receive.

M. Hibberd, Fair Oak

I have been seeing Lee, on and off for quite a while now and he has always managed to sort my lower back out and keep me working.  Being a self employed builder, it is nice to know that there is someone close by that I can rely on to keep me going.

James, Eastleigh

I first attended Walk Tall Chiropractic Clinic back in June 2010.  After suffering from persistant lower back pain and stiffness for a number of years that had gradually worsened, I thought that it was finally time to do something about it.  After 8 treatments and a period of 4 weeks I feel like a new person, it is great to be moving freely and be pain free again.  My only regret is that I did not do something about the problem sooner.

Mrs Davies, Eastleigh

After injuring my right shoulder playing golf a few months ago I thought that the problem would ease off pretty quickly. Unfortunately, 4 weeks later and the pain was still the same. I came to see Lee who quickly diagnosed the problem and explained my options.  After taking the advice regarding rest and stretching exercises, and also receiving a few treatments, I was back to playing golf in no time.

Mr White, Chandlers Ford